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SEN. SANDERS GOES OFF ON BERNANKE (03/03/09 ) (Read 1352 times)
Jun 23rd, 2012 at 7:21pm

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Listen to the snake Ben Bernanke tell Congress "no" once again!

Great Exchange! Senator Bernie Sanders can't contain himself during today's (03/03/09) Senate Budget Commitee hearing in Washington. Bad Boy Bernie demands to know who got the 2.2 trillion of dollars in loans from the Fed. Bernanke won't tell him. He's also angry that banks that get tax payer funds for nothing, are charging credit card customers 25% interest. Also discusses A.I.G. and who got those credit Defautl swaps. He also demands to know why Bernanke didn't raise the alarm when the Bush Administration was claiming the economy was sound when it obviously wasn't.

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