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Dr Kent Hovind explains why the KJV Bible is Accurate and Correct (Read 1697 times)
Jun 5th, 2012 at 6:41pm

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This is a segment from one of Dr. Kent Hovind's Creation vs. Evolution debates in a University. A student asks how a Bible that's be "translated thousands of times over the years can be taken literally?"

Kent explains the process of how those FAITHFUL servants of God hand copied the TRUE originals (which are long worn out, GONE) and how Satan did throw in many counterfeits.

He also explains why the religion of Evolution became so adhered to in the mid 1800's!

More info (not in this video).
But those of us who are SAVED can tell the difference between God's true word and the counterfeits. Such as the Alexandrian Greek Text (made popular around the time of Evolution theory by Hort and Westcott, men who were into the occult, and the likes of modern bible perVersions like the NIV bible which was made possible by a satanic publisher, and homosexual activists like Virginia Molenkott and Marten Woudstra. Who would KNOWINGLY use their perVersions?

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