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TRUTH is hate to those who hate the TRUTH!

Updated: June 4th, 2012 | Latest featured video:

Thunderf00t the Atheist believes that Luke 17 was speaking of lesbian and homosexual acts!

Also added a new FORUM to the website!




Vaccines = Poison!!!

A collection of videos about vaccinations


Most of these were made by me personally



Video ---> A long line of zombies stand in line at Wal-Mart to get their poison.
Also features a terrified young girl who's instincts kick in and she NEVER gets the shot!





Video ---> The H1N1 Vaccine hidden in the 2009-2010 Formula - Oct, 2009





Video ---> I encounter the H1N1 being pimped once again at a Wal-Mart - Jan 2010

This was as the H1N1 hype was winding down.





Video ---> During the 2009-2010 NWO hype of H1N1, I got creative to bring awareness!



Video ---> More fliers at the hospital