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TRUTH is hate to those who hate the TRUTH!

Updated: June 4th, 2012 | Latest featured video:

Thunderf00t the Atheist believes that Luke 17 was speaking of lesbian and homosexual acts!

Also added a new FORUM to the website!





Assorted videos about the New Word Order

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Video ---> National Day Against Police Brutality - Phoenix, AZ - Oct 22nd, 2011





Video rant! ---> Teen boy to be charged with a hate crime is unconstitutional!




Video Series ---> Quartzsite Liberty Fest! August 27th, 2011






Video ---> Police State in Tennessee! State Police steal money from out of state motorist!





Video clip ---> FOX TV show American Dad mocks 911 Truth!






Assorted Barack H Obama photos that are hillarious, yet 100% true!





Video ---> Teen girls is brutally knocked down by a thug cop!





Video ---> Obama catches the boogieman!





Video ---> Pastor arrested by a limp wristed cop for preaching in public!





Video Series ---> Funny Alex Jones video clips!





New Video Series! ---> Demanding REAL ingredients is forcing the

food industry to comply! Supply and Demand suckers!

A small VICTORY against the corrupt NWO controled cancer causing food industry!





Video ---> Al Gore gets his lying ass KICKED by Congressman Steve Scalise!





Video ---> Aspartame chemical added to ALL American chewing gum!

This is POISON!




Video ---> POISON added to water for infants!





Video ---> Glen Beck "Debunks" Fema Camps. What an IDIOT!

This "hit piece" featured the Popular Mechanics fool and they made sure to only refer to ONE "conspiracy" youtube video about "Fema Camps" when there are tons of LEGIT videos on youtube about them that show REAL internment Camps, one which is even the same exact one as shown on the website!