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Thunderf00t the Atheist believes that Luke 17 was speaking of lesbian and homosexual acts!

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The King James Bible is harder to read...NOT!

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We've compared the Glorious King James Bible to "the rest" many of times before yet there's something else I've noticed that I don't hear much about.

That is, while the KJV Bible is uncorrupted and is translated from the TRUE scriptures while Satan has thrown every trick in the book to alter the other perversions, another thing different which I think is intentional is the fact that the entire lay out of the KJV has the verse numbers all left justified and the spacing of each verse even. This helps to not only find verses but to memorize them as well.

If you read pretty much any other Bible version, including the NIV, ESV, ASV, etc you will notice that several verses are clumped together and the verse numbers just crammed whereever they could fit as well. It almost appears that the DISorder of most new age Bible perversions was as deliberate as the verses they intentionally corrupted.

Check out these photo samples. The KJV and then the NIV. It is rather obvious that the verse numbers are harder to find and memorize in the NIV as well as certain meanings being slightly altered as well.


Romans 1 NIV

Romans 1 KJV

And since when does "Depraved mind" = "Reprbate mind"? (Verse 28)

Yes, homosexuals have a depraved mind, however that is NOT what the word of God said. Because a "Reprobate" is someone who is rejected by God. The meaining is changed!


Maybe one reason the NIV likes to hide the verse numbers in the midst of cluttered paragraphs full of footnotes is to hide the fact that they all out REMOVE some verses. Such as Matt 17:21



Matt 17 KJV



NIV (Try to find verse 21. Hint, there is the footnote [a] there instead!)

Matt 17 NIV

Fasting is one such thing that the Satanists don't like. So that word is removed in several places in the NIV and the entire verse in this case.





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