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TRUTH is hate to those who hate the TRUTH!

Updated: June 4th, 2012 | Latest featured video:

Thunderf00t the Atheist believes that Luke 17 was speaking of lesbian and homosexual acts!

Also added a new FORUM to the website!






Couterfeits! A.K.A. "Queers"


Men attempting to be women (and failing miserably)

Women attempting to be men (and failing miserably).


Video ---> ABC TV promotes Queer parenting with STAGED event!






Video clip of a new "documentary" of Sonny and Cher's loser daughter who becomes a God hating reprobate and thus "given over" to vile affection and now lives as a counterfeit man!




Video ---> A counterfeit man employed by the Police attempts to STEAL children!





Video ---> Counterfeit men trying to ride a motorcycle!




Video ---> Counterfeiters at Home Depot and Wal-Mart!






Video ---> Cross dressing skater chic! My toddler says "that's a BOY!"




Remix Video ---> Two sets of pants sagging bull dykes in one week!





Video ---> A counterfeit man sagging her pants! This is what I encountered today in Wal-Mart as my innocent children have to witness this FILTH and absolute failure in mankind!





A classic video ---> Man hating lesbian stares! This video was taken when I took my toddler to McDonalds a few years ago.