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Slay the faggot!

A song I wrote almost 20 years ago and re recorded in 2009 for fun when a slew of effeminate youtube homosexuals were trolling me.

The music starts at about 16 seconds into the video.


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Music and words by 4G

verse 1
There is this guy, he keeps callin' Dan
Buggin' all the time, to get with him
He wants him always, to make love to him
Dippin' his thing in, where it don't belong

I said to Dan, You gotta get rid of him
He'll give you AIDS, the Anally Inflicted Death Syndrome
He's a no good FAGGOT, he should be put to death
(Lev 20:13 KJV)
So put a live wire up his butt, and electrocute his ass!

Every time you turn around, he's always hangin' around
You see he's got that stare, oh you know it's Larry!
He's got you on his mind, callin' you all the time
Better get a gun...... and SLAY THE FAGGOT!
Slay the faggot oh yeah!
For your piece of mind
You gotta... SLAY THE FAGGOTS!

Verse 2
Everywhere there are faggots, they're lurking in the bushes
you can't always see them, they hide as normal people
But when they come out, of that closet they are in
we're going to get them! We're going to busy them in...

Wooden boxes, or in concrete
A watery grave, is all too good for them
They are sick, sick little bastards
They're going to wish, they were never born!

Repeat Chorus




Now take SPECIAL NOTICE that this was no ordinary song of hate. This song was originally a JOKE between Dan and myself and applied to a literal circumstance.

When I said "Better get a gun..." that was literally in a 100% defensive manner in context of the teenage young man who had a faggot stalker!

Seriously. This is NOT made up. This is a true story.
And thank God that Queers were still in the closet back when I wrote this song.

When the Faggots were coming out in force and Prop 8 in California went down, that is when I released this song publicly.





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