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Modfying my HD DVR's before sending them back to the DirecTV crooks!

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This is a three part series. All three parts should play automatically in order. Or you can select to jump to any of the three parts using the play list thumbnails.

Part 1: I disassemble the two HD DVR's that DirecTV expects to be returned.

Part 2: I "modify" the circuit boards inside "4G style"!

Part 3: I reassemble the modified circuit boards back into the DVR's and ship them back to DirecTV!


The story behind this:

I recently discontinued my DirecTV service.
I had DirecTV for about 8 years or so. I bought the equipment in Best Buy.
At one point I upgraded to HD DVR's/ One purchased about 4 or 5 years ago and the other about 2 years ago.
I paid about $300 for each HD DVR at Best Buy.

So riddle me this. I try to cancel with these guys and the guy they transfer me to on the phone tries to talk me into instead putting the account on hold or something for the nest 3 weeks and says if I pay off the last month he'd remove their bull s**t fees they added!
So the 3 weeks (Jan 20th, 2011) comes up and all I owe is one month. That's it.
I shouldn't be in any "commitment" because I've had them for years and bought the equipment at Best Buy. If I would never have activated the service, I'd still have the equipment in my possession so I don't understand how these crooks expect me to pay them $250 for each HD DVR I don't return???

Here's the funny part. On Jan 22nd I get a bill saying I now owe them $479.00! That's weird when I only owed them a month.
Somehow that guy scammed me and on the 27th they tried to charge my debit/visa card $1300.00 !!!

I guess they want that $479 for CANCELING service and they want $250 for each HD DVR, $175 for the regular DVR and $125 for each regular box as well.

Here's the REAL kicker! They didn't send the info and the shipping box for the receivers until Jan 28th!
And at that, their info and box is only for the two HD DVR's.
Some of my boxes are close to 8 years old. As if they really want those back???

Anyway, I am going to perform a few modifications to these two HD DVR's and then send them back.



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